The Mission

LOVING PEOPLE TO GOD is all about connection. When you connect, you will be able to hear peoples’ stories. When you KNOW their story, the Holy Spirit will help you identify their need. When you know the need, you LOVE THEM, TO GOD!

The Vision

Our vision is for everyone to experience
God's love and obey His Word, which leads to a life of purpose.


The Jesus movement was an Evangelical Christian movement beginning on the West Coast of the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s and spread throughout North America, Europe, and Central America, before subsiding by the late 1980s. Members of the movement were called Jesus people, or Jesus freaks. For those who were there, it was more than a movement, it was a time of answers and transformation during global turbulent times. A time where people met Jesus, not religion.

If you don’t believe in “religion” but are open to a genuine relationship with one who loves you unconditionally,
join us at SOUTHCOAST for “Jesus Movement 2.0.”

Journey with us throughout 2022-2023 as we walk with Jesus through the first 4 books of the Bible. Whether this is your first time to study the Bible or your 50th time, we know that a relationship with Jesus changes lives and brings hope to anyone who trusts Him.

You are always welcome at SOUTHCOAST!

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